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Guangzhou Zhanlian Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd., a joint-stock company founded by main sponsoring entities, was established in 2011 to accommodate high development needs of the auto industry in Guangzhou. The shareholders entities include China Foreign Trade Center (Group), China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Automotive Industry Committee, Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group, China Association of Automobile manufactureres, Society of Automotive Engineers of China, Guangzhou Union Exhibition and Trade Corporation. Guangzhou Zhanlian Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd., based on the core strengths of shareholders with corporatized, market-oriented and standardized corporate governance structure, takes overall responsibility for the organization and operation of China(Guangzhou) International Autonmobile Exhibition, created a precedent for the domestic frontline auto show.

Guangzhou Zhanlian Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd. takes responsibility for serving the automotive industry and flourishing the automotive culture. Besides running operation of the Guangzhou Auto Show, Guangzhou Zhanlian Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd. also leads to undertake China Taiyuan International Automobile Exhibition, and actively explore in other regions the opportunities to hold similar exhibitions, seeking growth together with both domestic and foreign auto companies.